Sublevel caving

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Sublevel Caving is one of the most advanced mining methods. This method is usually undertaken when mining the orebody through an open pit is no longer economically viable. In Sublevel Caving, mining starts at the top of the orebody and develops downwards. Ore is mined from sublevels spaced at regular intervals throughout the deposit. A series of ring patterns is drilled and blasted from each sublevel, and broken ore is mucked out after each blast. Sublevel Caving can be used in orebodies with very different properties and is an easy method to mechanize. This method is normally used in massive, steeply-dipping orebodies with considerable strike length, and usually has a high amount of dilution and low recoveries. Thus Sublevel Caving is usually used to mine low-grade, low-value orebodies.

Sublevel Caving 1.png