Lamefoot Mine

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Lamefoot’s location in the Republic of Washington
The Lamefoot Mine is a medium sized gold mine located in Ferry County, northeastern Washington. At an elevation of 793 m, the area has been prospected and mined for gold since the early 1900s. The area is historically known for producing over 62 thousand kilograms of gold. Daily production at Lamefoot is approximately 1800 t/d based on a schedule of two 10 hour shifts per day, six days a week.

Gold occurs in the steeply dipping orebody localized on the Anfo Fault that includes a limestone footwall and a hanging wall of thin siliciclastic rock. It can be seen in the figure below that the engineers utilize both transverse and longitudinal equally to tackle the complexity of the orebody.

Underground view of Lamefoot operations highlighting zones and methods used for each zone.

Referring to the image above it can be seen that in Zone 2, transverse longhole is used because the orebody width exceeds 18m, primary stopes are developed by crosscutting across the orebody from the levels in the limestone footwall. These primary crosscuts are 4.3 m wide by 4.6 m high in waste and then expanded to a width of 7.3 m once in ore. The numbers for Zone 2 can be seen in the following table.

Basic data for transverse stoping