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  • * [[Pre-evaluation study]] *[[Geotechnical evaluation|The geotechnical model]]
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  • The ''Venture analysis'', also called the ''pre-evaluation study ''has the following characteristics: == Purpose of pre-evaluation study ==
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  • ...ugh construction, and includes an initial order-of-magnitude cost/economic analysis of the project. ...l and operating costs. Using this information, an initial project economic analysis is provided. Assumptions made in completing the schedules and estimates mus
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  • – geotechnical, mineralogical, metallurgical, environmental, socio-economic, EIS submission, etc but not exploration geology) will be in the order of 4 ...gical studies and testwork, environmental impacts fully identified, socio-economic issues fully identified, major project risks identified, permit application
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  • ...the net-present-value of the mining operation. Through the collection and analysis of pertinent data, the use of relevant performance measures, and related st ...onsidering the use of larger equipment in a mining operation, a comparison analysis or a critical approach should be adopted before any purchases are made to e
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  • == Risk Assessment Introduction == ...equence. A risk analysis is performed as a quantitative evaluation of the risk of an activity.
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  • ...n their mine planning<ref name="Lemelin"> Lemelin, B. (2009). Mine Project Evaluation: A real Options Approach with Least-Squares Monte Carlo Simulations. Quebec =='''Risk'''==
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  • which owners and purchasers had agreed on virtually every aspect of the evaluation except how much the project was worth. Agreement was reached on reserves, g ...of the NPV or DCFROR for a project. Although a discussion of the merits of risk assessment techniques is beyond the scope of this paper, the most significa
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  • This paper examines the impact of the various assumptions that go into an economic evaluation, and shows how these can be combined to show an exciting result that may no
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  • ...put parameters on the output. The primary step in conducting a sensitivity analysis is defining the objective of the problem, followed by identifying which par in a combined affect on the model. Among the many types of sensitivity analysis, the best/worst case, break-even point, spider graph and the Monte Carlo Si
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