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This page contains a hyperlinked list of pages that have been completed. Topics that are not hyperlinked have not yet been written (editors required!), but are relevant to the overall subject. It is hoped that with time, these guides will accumulate into a useful resource, not only for undergraduate mining students, but also for industry practitioners. Comments on any of these topics can be left in the discussion page attached to each topic page.

List of topics related to the mine design process:

The general environment in which the mine exists

  • Company Objectives
    • Description of objectives
  • General mine site considerations
    • Location and access
    • Confirmation of legal ownership of property
    • Exploration and development committments
    • Infrastructure availability
    • Previous production
  • Business drivers
  • Risks and Benchmarking
  • Organizational Design

Information required for mine design

The stages of mine design

Geotechnical engineering

Mining methods

Mine infrastructure

Mineral processing

Economics and finance

Mining regulations, permitting