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This page is an on-going collection of guidelines to various details of editorial protocols. Most topics are working guidelines and should only be modified following discussion amongst the editors of the wiki.


Significant technical terms should be hyperlinked to definitions. These definitions could be in the article that introduces them, or the link could be to another article in which they are defined.

Through using the hyperlink, these terms will appear in BLUE - an automatic visual highlighting for the reader.

While the wiki is under development, some of these links will appear as RED, indicating that there is no definition to link to, in which case there is an opportunity to create that link, definition, or article.

Use of hyperlinks

Hyperlinks are used to direct the reader to

  • definitions or specialized technical terms
  • text within the same wiki page
  • text on other wiki pages

Use of bold text

In general, bold text as a means of highlighting words should not used.

  • Bold is reserved for level 3 headings
  • Terminology that is important enough to be highlighted should be hyperlinked to a definition
  • Emphasis is added by usingItalic text

Reference format

References will follow the format of (Author, date, title, journal, volume, page).
Journal titles may have their accepted abbreviated formats. Book, thesis, and journal titles are in italics.

Steward N.R. and A.J.S. Spearing, 1992. The performance of backfill pipelines. J.S.Afr. Inst. Min. Metall. 92:1. pp 27-34.
Lea, F.M. 1971. The Chemistry of Cement and Concrete. Chemical Publishing Co., N.Y.

Spelling of special mining terms

As the wiki expands, the standard spelling for terms will be added here. If you are in the process of prepearing an article and are unsure of the spelling accepted for the wiki, please feel free to contact the Editorial Board.

The growing alphabetical list of preferred spellings (with common alternatives) is shown below:

  • drawpoint (not draw point)
  • orebody (not ore body)
  • orepass (not ore pass)
  • rock mass (not rockmass)

Gender related words

In the wiki, preference should be given to use of gender neutral words:

  • labour vs manpower
  • miner vs men

Tracking of hyperlinks

In order to facilitate linking between pages for terms that are hyperlinked, a master list of hyperlinked words is kept on the Hyperlink catalogue page.

On that page, there is a master table. The left column contains the hyperlinked terms, the right column contains links to the pages where the term links to.