Mining regulations

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This page contains links to resources that will be useful for permitting, regulations etc. at the Provincial and Federal level.

Developing a mineral deposit in Ontario is a page with links to various permitting requirement information. The link to The Practitioner's Guide is particularly useful.


For more details of mining taxation see Taxation

  • Depreciation claims are made based on CCA Class 10 for most capital costs (mobile equipment, mill, surface facilities). * CCA Class 10 uses a 30% declining balance depreciation schedule with the half-year rule.
  • Development expenditures (shafts, ramps, drifts, and raises) were claimed as Canadian Development Expenses (CDE).
  • CDE’s are accounted for in a cumulative Canadian Development Expense (cumulative CDE) account with 30% of the total account balance deducted each year as an expense.